Janna from League of Legends


My best friends got me into playing League of Legends and the first champion I played out of the tutorial was Janna. This is also the first time I’ve cosplayed something so difficult. I made this for Anime Banzai 2011 and I also wore this at GEEX gaming expo 2011, in utah.

Why I Cosplayed Janna

She was the first one I played and bought, so for my first LoL cosplay, I wanted it to be her. Even though I don’t play her anymore. Support is fun, but I like to play either Mage people or tanky champs. But in honor of my first champ, I cosplayed her. 

How I made the costume

Man this one is tough and was expensive too. I had brown hair and had to dye my hair my hair twice in one night to get it blonde. That really damaged my hair, it’s fine now. I do not recommend ever doing that, wait awhile after bleaching. Your hair needs to rest. And if you do damage your hair, I recommend deep conditioning, weekly treatments. (I make mine) I wanted to put my hair up however, my hair was too damaged to do this and I had to keep it down. So I made the crown with cardboard, hot glue, a headband, paper mache, and paint. The staff was made from a broom, cardboard, paper mache, and paint. The top was made from a bra, craft foam and paint. I do not recommend using gold paint for the designs on it. I recommend using craft foam, makes it less tacky looking. I actually had to redo the top because of trying only paint. The hip armor was made with craft foam, paint and a belt. The skirt was fabric I sewn together. The leggings are craft foam as well. Pretty much everything was made from craft foam, even the ears lol! This was really hard to get right, and took awhile with spray painting, cutting and getting it all right. The staff took a week by itself and needed more support.

However, the paint chipped after the con, so no photoshoot until i re-paint it. Also, the cardboard for the staff wasn’t a good idea, it ended up snapping at the con. I had glue to fix it though. I would use something more sturdy.

The other Cosplayers 

The katarina is my good friend, Skittelz. (she is in my etna pictures as well) I made her weapons and she did everything else. My ex, Ron, is the awesome Mordekaiser, helped him paint his weapon but he did such an amazing job on everything! The hillbilly Gragas is my brother, I made him  beard, the overalls, the barrel… pretty much everything. XD The Nocturne and Caitlynn were just people we met at the con and we had a fun time taking some pictures with them. 😀

Future plans with this costume

To re-paint it, fix the staff, put up my hair or have a fan blowing it up and a photoshoot.

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