Misty from Pokemon


I’ve always liked pokemon, so I plan on cosplaying a lot of Gijinka ones and other female characters. Misty is just one of those characters that is great to cosplay, simple and fun. Even though, I do not like togepi and hated when she had it in the series. She kind of lost some of her spunk. 

Why I Cosplayed Misty

I loved how spunky and headstrong she was. Especially in the early episodes. So I put together the outfit and had a blast! Though, I put in my version of her. A little bit older and naughty. 😛

How I made the costume

I already had a yellow shirt and just simply pulled it up to be a belly shirt. The shorts were actually pants that I cut and folded over. I didn’t have much money, I tend to make costumes out of stuff from my closet. So it’s not perfect, but eh, still fun! The suspenders were actually red cloth from a shirt that I cut up and hand-sewn onto the shorts. The orange shoes? I already had them and they are my favorite converses in the world. I love the color orange. :3 The red hair? (should have been a bit more orange, i miss my orange hair) I actually died my hair with kool-aid. Yep! It works pretty darn well, so if you are short on cash, kool-aid works. Though it will rinse out every time you get it wet, but only really works if you have lighter hair. My hair was longer so i put it in a slight bun, should have wrapped some hair around it to hide it better.  The swimsuit underneath is something I thought she would wear, it had fishies on it. I also hand-made the starmie in the pictures. 😀

About the Photoshoot

When I go camping, I tend to go down to the lake to play in it. So it seemed like a perfect spot to take the photos. It might look nice and warm, but it was freezing! It was later in the day and rather windy. the water was ice cold but I got in anyway. x.x the props and things I thought would just be awesome to have in the photo.



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