My favorite Walking Dead Character

I’ve not read the comics, so this is solely based on the tv show. I might pick up the comics one day, seeing as I’m enjoying the show tons! Firstly, I love the walking dead, I enjoy the drama of the people being in this kind of circumstance. However, my favorite is definitly Daryl.


1. He’s a badass.

2. He has a crossbow, that’s not only smart but just cool.

3.  He’s good at hunting, gutting and tracking.

4.  He’s completely self sificiant and needs no group.

5.  He’s more reserved, thus more mysteries.

6.  He is usually well headed and can do the tough stuff.

7.  He might pretend to not care for others, but he’s just a softy.

Pretty much he’s just one cool dude and just plain awesome. Wish he had more air time and I often like to imagine how things would work if he was leader. Though, I don’t think he would do well with all the drama. He might slap some foos. So,  I think it’s good that he leaves Rick in charge, though, they should appreciate his skills more. He’s by far the most useful of them all. Well, so is Hershel because he has medical knowledge.

Who’s your favorite and why? ^^


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