My thoughts on Cosplay & body weight

I’ve been looking at a lot of cosplay pictures, especially from Otaku House on facebook and been carefully looking at the comments lately. What I see is a lot of harsh criticism which borderlines bullying/making fun of someone because of their weight. Sadly, most of the comments are from “Pro Cosplayers” who say “not to cosplay people you can’t pull off.” This saddens me, someone can be make the most beautiful, detailed costume and get ridiculed for not having the right body proportions.

Sadly, weight is a constant excuse people use to hurt others. Whether you are thin, fat, normal, small boobs, big boobs, people will try and find things to negatively put others down. Some call it harsh honesty, while in reality it’s just bullying. Cosplay is a form of expression, a way to pretend to be someone else. Costume Roleplay. It’s to make something or put on an outfit and just let loose. I hate seeing people get ridiculed by their appearance, especially when it’s all about roleplaying. >.<

In middle school my close friend got bullied for being normal, not super skinny, some meat on her bones. Boys and girls would call her fat and ugly, it affected her so much she ended up picking up an eating disorder. No one should have to go through something like this.

Even thin women get harassed as well. In high school I was called anorexic and constantly bullied about it. My mom who is very thin gets called a druggy, a crack whore, anorexic, etc. She has a thyroid problem that makes it very hard for her to gain weight.

Now I’m normal in my weight, 125lbs currently and I get called fat and ugly. Yes, I’m not super skinny anymore, but I like my body. Am I going to stop cosplaying just because I’m not model thin? Hell no! I’m comfortable in my body and will continue to show it off, whether you like it or not. I think every body size should be happy in their skin. Whether they are bigger or smaller, they shouldn’t stop cosplaying because of people who have issues with it.

This is the same with boob issues. I have very smally boobs, 34A. So if I want to cosplay people with bigger sizes  “only cosplay people you can pull off”, I would be very limited. Yes, I can use push up bras to make them look bigger, but most game characters and anime characters have at least C cups. >.<# So will I not cosplay people with big boobs? Hell no! I will cosplay them if I want to, it’s roleplay. It’s for fun!

If you have huge boobs, who says you can’t cosplay small chested people or boys?

I somewhat understand their point, some people think of cosplay as trying to identicially match who you are dressing up as. Some people get offended if things are off because they love that character so much. Yes, the coolest ones are when it’s practically a real life version of who you are dressing up as, but that shouldn’t be limited to a select few. I do agree that putting in a lot of hard work into your costume is  great, but because someone isn’t physically perfect shouldn’t be a problem.

My point is that body weight should not matter, whether you a female or male, it’s about enjoying the fun in cosplay. Don’t let people discourage you or push you away from something you love because you don’t have a “perfect body.” Love yourself! 😀

Also, the image above is from Otaku House on Facebook, go vote for them. You can also like their page and get to see very amazing cosplays! ❤

Just look at Cosplay Deviants, all sizes are welcomed ^^


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