Hiking Adventures – Skull Crack Trail

I love hiking and going on silly lil adventures, at least that’s how I see them. Leveling up my Mountaineering in a trail we found on the net, Skull Crack Trail.

The name is pretty funny huh? I wonder why it’s named that. Maybe it has to do with the small trail that wraps around Causey Reservoir and ascends  up the mountain. One small slip and boom! Your skull is cracked? Sounds like a silly fear, but I actually was terrified of this as we got higher up. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. The  adventure in this was actually trying to find it.

The directions were terrible and at first we thought they were talking about a much closer reservoir. Until we realized that it had to be a lot farther up into the mountain. We spent a good 15 minutes driving around the closer one, lol! I also get motion sickness and seeing as I thought it was closer I didn’t take anything, that was a huge mistake! >.<

Wouldn't this be fun to tube down?

Eventually we found our way to the dam, which was extremely beautiful! One side was like this picture to the right, it drops off into a shute further down. Daniel and I thought it would be fun to go down it, even though we would die. Plus, there wasn’t any water in there, only in that small pond.

But there were fishers around, not a swarm of them but still one in every area of water. I wonder how the fishing is there, though I haven’t gone fishing in forever and don’t really remember how. I’d like to do it again, especially in these parts, it’s really pretty being that high in the mountains. Even though it was a bit windy and some places had snow.

So yeah, we found the dam where and the trail is suppose to be located near it. Which made us climb higher into the moutains, boy, were we wrong. We did go around it and find a spot where it had a trail. We thought we had found it! So Daniel puts on his backpack and we start across the trail, but once we got there it was covered in ice. We both didn’t bring hiking shoes and decided it was safer to just go back.

Disappointed we made our way down, back to the dam. There was another road across the dam and decided “what the hell” and went across it. That’s where we found the real trail. All on accident.

The hiking trail pretty much loops around this.

The trail was really small and at first just circled around the water and so we excitedly went up it. It was breath taking as it started to climb, especially with how some of the water was still frozen, it gave it interesting colors.

However, I would have liked to see the trail in the summer when the flowers were bloomed and all that.

This is when it started to get dangerous as it got higher up. The drop off of the tiny trail was getting scary, where if I did fall, I would have been really wounded or died. >.< Then we hit a part that the trail was covered in ice over a bend. We both wanted to go higher and see the view, so instead of trying to walk on the ice, we decided to climb the mountain a little bit. (Our shoes have no traction.) I get on all fours and crawl up over the ice, then back down onto the trail. It seemed a lot safer.

However, the higher we got, the more small ice patches on the trail, so we decided to go back down. Yeah, I’m curious to how it all looks but not enough to where I want to risk falling and dying. Definitely will go on this again in the summer. Also, seeing as it is right next to the lake, perfect place drink beer and fish. Even take a dip if you get too hot.

I would love to have more fun adventures like this and you guys should go exploring too. The exp is great and no grinding on mobs.

The other side of the dam

Some of the reservoir iced. 😛

It was windy, eating hair, yum

After eating lunch, yay, smiles!

The sky looks awesome


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