Bugged and now I have to restart my Okami game

This was really annoying! I was already 31 hours into the game and in the city, Sei’an. I just got turned into a small little guy which reminded me of The Magic School Bus. I loved being small, I thought it was adorable.

However, there is this part where there is  a broom that blocks your path and apparently you aren’t SUPPOSE to get through it. Instead you are suppose to get a key, backtrack some and go get another brush technique. Veil of Mist that slows time. However, I was able to get past the broom… Thus, I never got the technique.

I played on for a bit until I couldn’t get past the Queen’s guards, thus looking up a guide… which then I find out what I missed and that there is no way to go back and get it. DAMMIT!

31 hours.. and I have to completely start the game over because I glitched past the broom. Fuucccccckkkkk.

So, if you’ve never played before, watch out for this part. >.<


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