Vacation to cali

Hey! I’ll be leaving to california this month, on the 30th. Be in oceanside until july 7th. 

Going with my bf and his family so don’t know everything we will be doing. I know for sure we are going to the beach and Six Flags. Super excited for that, but don’t know what days. Think we are just going to go with the flow and randomly do stuff. XD

I’ll be making the hats on the side, when I’m bored or on the 12 hour drive. >.< Once I get back I’ll be working on Loki and Thor.

I might post randomly on twitter and facebook, and take lots of pictures to share with everyone. :3 Though, I probably won’t be paying too much attention to the interwebs while in cali.


I might be able to meet up with people and might not. It all depends on what my bf and his family want to do. I’m just a guest! I’ll happily take a free vacation to cali. lol.


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