QnA 1: Why do you go to clubs and conventions?

This is the most asked question  from friends and  I can never give them a satisfying answer. So I will try to answer as best as i can. 
My basic response is this: it makes me feel comfortable, safe.how does anyone know what that actually means? for me, it means that it’s a place i feel i can be me. 

if you haven’t noticed, i like to where moving cat ears and enjoy wearing lolita style or gothic clothing… and i come from utah, the state controlled by what some thing is practically and normal.I dress up with cat ears and fluffly dresses… and people wonder why i get scared going to stores more than clubs.

Obvious answer is that i am me, and im scared about being me in EVERY DAY society. 

I am not scared of being me around others like me (clubs) that dress even crazier than i do. 

I find comfort in abnormal. Normal scares me. And now you know and hopefully understand why. Why I am at home at a club or an anime convention….because they are like me.