Necomimi Ears QnA/Review


Does it work?

yep! It basically stays in “focus or relaxation” mode all the time. The only time I’ve had it on high focus or interest is when I was going to the store and very excited about all the attention and stares. I’ve actually never been able to get the “high relaxation” mode but that might be, because I have anxiety and it’s very hard to me to get to that state. I even think myself too sleep, my mind might just be too active for that setting.

It doesn’t go down when I’m feeling emotions, like it doesn’t go down if i am sad or up if im super happy.(which is all the time lately) to me it seems to go more off of reading stress or no stress.

Is it comfortable to wear?

No, not really. I wear mine all the time for the past few days, only taking it off when I need to or the battery dies. It’s tight and puts pressure on your scalp and ears. I have to move it around a lot so it stops irritating me. I am going to see if I can make some padding for the top headband… However, there is no way to have padding on the part that goes on your forehead or claps on your ear. Those need to touch your skin. I hope my body gets use to it, because I will be wearing them all the time.

Is it durable?

I doubt it. I am not going to find out how much. Though when you are carrying the headset in your hand or hang it upside down, the ear coverings just fall off. I almost lost one of them that way. But they don’t come off while in use.

Laying down with them?

the only way they could stay on is if you slept on your stomach. They fall off trying to lay on your back even with the back headband.

Do they make noise?

yep! they make a buzzing and twitching noise when they move. It’s not super loud and when I’m in public, I don’t hear the sounds at all. If it’s quiet or you are just sitting watching tv, you’ll hear them. I don’t find it annoying, I kind of like it. Makes it able for me to tell how they are moving and I find that fun.

Do they vibrate?

Yep. It’s very light and sort of tickles the top of my head.

Is it water proof?

NOOOOOO! Bring an umbrella if you are walking around in the rain or snow.

What kind of batteries do they take?


How long does it last?

With fresh batteries: 12 hours.

With older, rechargeable batteries: 5 hours.

ask me more questions?

I love them and think they are worth it. Though, the only big issue is that they are not comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I am going to find a way to make them feel better on my head.